About Us

Hello from the heart of America in Olathe, Kansas!  We are located just a few miles outside of Kansas City.  This adventure started off as a competition between me (Julie) and my husband (Chris) to see who could create the most popular shirt.  That is what people do during a pandemic, right?  We both created a shirt design and I signed up for a free two week trail website thinking I would use it for a week or so and be done. But something exiting happened.  One of our shirts went viral.  We sold thousands in a VERY short time. So much that the design is now being copied exactly all over the internet.  After we got over the initial shock on figuring out where to buy and make that many shirts, we started to have fun with it.  The winning shirt ended up being our Patience Grace Flexibility shirt created by my husband, Chris.  (Yes Chris, you won.  I said it!  And now you are the "Creative Director").


So here we are today making positive minded shirts at a super affordable price.  Our purpose is about spreading positivity and not about make a profit. 

We custom hand screen print all our shirts in house.  What does that mean? It means the ink it screened directly into the fibers of your shirt and doesn't sit on top like vinyl heat press shirts.  This mean no peeling and the print lasts the life of the shirt.  We create every design so they are unique to Green Bean Shirts (unless it gets copied....it happens but it is always sold for more elsewhere than what we charge at Green Bean Shirts!).

Finally, why are we called Green Bean Shirts?  Well, let's just say I have a mild obsession for the color green.  My kids have green middle names (Jade and Sage).  And I count beans when I am not making shirts.  So with my husband's positive minded focus and my knack for details, here we are....GREEN BEAN SHIRTS!

Thanks for stopping by and we truly appreciate every order.